• The Alternative to cigarette

    At Vaporium.ca., we are ofering you the best electronic cigarette products available. Our roots are Canadian but the company is now hosted by our American counterpart Vaporium Corp.. We are commited to offer you the best service possible, and a whole new way to substitute your cigarette habit.  We ship in Canada, the USA and all around the world.

    We only carry the best brands of electronic cigarettes. After so many years in the vaping industry we have identifyed the best brands available. All e-cigs we carry have a minimum of 3 months warranty.


    We partnered with one of the one of the only Canadian companies specializing in the field of food flavorings who have several sites in the Americas.
    All our e-liquids are made of Top Quality ingredients.
    • USP Grade Propylene Glycol Biobased 
    • USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin
    • USP Grade Nicotine
    • All our products are made in a Food Grade Installation.
    • Infinite flavor possibilities
    • All of our e-liquids are Diacetyl Free, Acetoin Free and Acetyl Propionyl Free, GARANTEE!
    • No preservatives or Potassium Sorbate are used
    • All flavors are design for electronic cigarette use*
    • Our chemist and flavorist are studying every molecules that are used to create each and every flavours to insure that no potentially problematic ingredients are present.*
    *Flavouring has not been safety-tested by any official organizations. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that any flavor is totally safe for this use. This would also be true for any other flavor manufacturer. There are no companies that can guarantee that any flavor is safe for long-term use.



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